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Tanjong Pagar – The fengshui of PAP

In another part of town, one reader has this to say jellybeans “Anyone wonders why PAP has enjoyed so many years of good fortune? Has anyone asked the geomancers or the monks in Kong Meng San why? Someone said Tanjong Pagar is the seat of PAP’s power and good fortune. And that is why LKY has been sitting there for the last few decades, guarding the sacred ground for PAP.

Tanjong Pagar is so important that even at his advanced age LKY will not let go. Die die must take Tanjong Pagar to ensure PAP’s prosperity and good fortune. Of course Ang Mo Kio is another good fengshui site and naturally Hsien Loong is sitting there.

Now Tan Jee Say is mounting a challenge to the most important PAP fengshui site, Tanjong Pagar GRC. You can bet that the PAP will go all out to secure Tanjong Pagar to protect its continued good fortune. But someone said fengshui could change over the years and there are some signs that Tanjong Pagar’s good fengshui may have shifted.

This could explain why Chan Chun Sing has to vacate Tanjong Pagar. But this is yet to be confirmed by any feng shui master. Just watch, if another big gun is stationed in Tanjong Pagar in the next GE, it would mean that Tanjong Pagar is still the key to PAP’s longetivity. And it could also mean that PAP is not confident that Chan Chun Sing could hold on to this hot and very important seat. A stronger candidate must take over from LKY to secure Tanjong Pagar. Losing this seat would bring an end to PAP’s rule. The only misgiving is that there are only a couple of strong candidates left. Who is strong enough to hold on to Tanjong Pagar? The Singaporeans First’s foray into Tanjong Pagar is strategic. It is an attack on the most important ‘xue mai’ of PAP. Hsien Loong is likely to guard the other important ‘xue mai’ at Ang Mo Kio. It is inconceiveable for the PAP to lose these two vital positions. It will be the end of PAP if it happens. It would be scary if Singaporeans First would to launch a simultaneous assault on the two GRCs. Winning both would assure Singaporean First’s political fortune to outshine that of the WP from the fengshui point of view.

It looks like Tan Jee Say has consulted his feng shui master and knows what should be done and where to go after. Secure the most important fengshui point and the rest will follow smoothly.

Kopi Level – Blue. Thank you”

Thank you redbean for allowing us to repost your article. The link to the article can be found here.

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    • It’s true! As I’ve consulted a few Fengshui Masters for the past few days, they all felt that Tanjong Pagar will be the game changer. At least 2 masters felt TJS stars will shine the brightest in the next GE. Here are my findings. TJS will be no.1, no.2 Chee Soon Juan (if he make a comeback), no.3… Chiam See Tong (if he’s fit enough) and at the distant fourth… Low Thia Khiang (may not be a surprise, knowing how he dives the GRC finance.) In short, according to the masters, TJS will not only do well but win BIG in the next GE.

  1. Wow! A 21st century political party basing their strategy for a country’s health, wealth n longevity on ancient mumbo jumbo of wind n water.
    That’s progress huh?

  2. Father & Son: overstaying their welcome in Tanjong Pagar/AMK and Singapore:

    While difficult, we really need to have forbearance for people who spend time “fixing their opponents” or people with different inclinations. Thus the focus of Sing First on “Esteemed People” should address some of the root problems in our country. People with high self esteem thread a path of non-violence, think Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. The other Nelson, a British Admiral is deemed a hero for successful battles. Singapore has a history of detaining and attacking her own with lawsuits. Do we now need to search out
    another country to start a war … personal/selfish interests/greed has no borders.

    Wealthy and famous people from M. Jackson to singers in Hong Kong, have sadly taken their own lives. Some are confident performers on stage, most are likely to have self-esteem problems. Good possibility to be from their parents who are driven by craving and greed, at the expense of fellow human beings.
    Likewise, our country is confident from economic success yet so much unhappiness/insecurity from the relentless (#### we are not good enough! ######)
    messages from our founding Father. At this rate, we can project that two Singaporeans will kill themselves Every Day, some school-going children. Can we instead have the vision of Singapore children being nurtured and supported? To build strong families and a truly fair society?

    We can send this message to the Father & Son in a peaceful way through the ballot box.

    ##### we are really not good enough, on the world stage! Listen carefully to Foreign-born professionals
    who have interacted with our people at Boardroom level. From one-dimensional focus on academics although Mr. Heng/ team is trying hard to fire-fight decades of sacred cows.

    • Fengshui is not mumbo jumbo although the many people fronting did not do it a justice by further adding a cloud of mystery and superstition to it. It is clear this is not Fengshui and the author of this article is doing an injustice to Fengshui

  3. My wish is that SingFirst can win at least one GRC at the next GE so that we have many Alternative voices in the Parliament. Better if can win two GRCs. Winning TP GRC is a good start. Contrary to what some critics have said, TP and AMK GRCs are not impenetrable. Go for PAP’s jugular and that animal and scourge will fall

  4. Well done, SingFirst. I hope that either SingFirst, SDP or WP can contest Tanjong Pagar and AMK GRCs. These two GRCs deserve strong AP Teams to challenge the PAP. Let’s see LHL sweat at the next GE.

    • ** pls ignore the above comment, typo-error: “last ge2100”

      are u anti Reform Party/Kenneth Jeyaretnam? In the last ge2011, Reform Party contested AMK grc

  5. Just because the writer mentions SFP and TJS’s names, you guys repost it, irrespective of the (low) quality and shallowness that pretends itself to be called political analysis.

    I suppose it’s to sooth TJS’s bloated ego.

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