Mythbuster 1 : Is SingFirst anti-foreigner or anti-immigration?

We are happy that our Facebook page has been very well received since our launch 10 days ago. Thank you for your support and shares in such a short time!

SingFirst has been receiving many queries regarding our manifesto and our stand on national issues. To help readers understand us better, we decide to countdown our top 10 FAQs in the next few weeks.

We begin with the first question:


1.  Is SingFirst anti-foreigner or anti-immigration?

colour blind

Our reply:

We are not anti-foreigners nor anti-immigration. We recognize they play an important role in the economy. But we do not want any Tom, Dick or Harry to come in with ease and in such big numbers. We are for responsible immigration, not zero immigration.

In our pursuit of economic growth, we must be fair to Singaporeans and not discriminate against them in terms of job placement, wage levels and space. We make no apology that we advocate giving priority to citizens; every country does it except Singapore.

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  1. i like your answer to the first FAQ question: “is SingFirst anti-foreigner or anti-immigration”? it’s simple to understand, straight-forward talking, and something that i can fully agree with. keep up this simple way of responding to queries from both your supporters as well as ordinary citizens. Bravo!

    • Thanks Sir. My commandant in Singapore Command and Staff.College in 1992 when I was on course there. Thanks for your positive comments. We in SingFirst will continue to work hard to simplify our message, to reach out to fellow Singaporeans. Continue to give us feedback,.Sir.

    • Yes, I agree that SingFirst reply is simple and easy to understand. It is a powerful point that we are not against foreigners but Singaporeans must not be discriminated against. Well done and thank you, SingFirst!

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