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“As a “middle class” in the 70’s I saw it coming when they began to jack up HDB prices by 38% suddenly. The population made noise.  But when LKY came on TV to intimidate with fake anger (which he often did), everyone was quiet  –  SGreans are so easy to suppress. Around that time, road tax shot up tremendously too. Subsequently, COE, ERP, etc., etc…… now foreigners replace you. Have SGreans learnt to stand up to face those who are supposed to be there to serve them?

Allowing the servant to be your master, you have yourselves to blame.”

– By Richard Ho

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  1. Singapore First have certainly choose the right area to do the walk about and i should say most true blues would know why.

    It is time of the era that changes is what most citizens of Singapore wants to see and more so for AMK and Tg Pagar GRC.

    Take it from there Sing First Party ! BRAVO

  2. I will give my full support to a government that listen to the people and not the other way round
    Singapore is our own home and we should come first before any others
    In many parts of the world , we don’t see old people collecting carts and washing public toilets and this has sadden many
    visitors and Singaporean too .How can you let this old folks serve us after giving all their lives to us ..my friends commented ..
    really put us to shame …they are our grand fathers and grand mothers , for heaven sake …
    if this does not pain your heart ..then your either have a heart made of rock or totally heartless ..NO Heart at all …
    I am sharing with you my thoughts and my opinion ..

    God bless and wish you all a happy and blessed 2015 ahead …we need to see changes ..that’s for sure …

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