Genes can be inherited but not performance

After our Ang Mo Kio GRC walkabout

The PM’s performance was the focus of the media interview at the end of SingFirst’s walkabout in his Ang Mo Kio GRC yesterday. It is common knowledge and widely felt among Singaporeans that the economy has become less robust and society is more divided, stressed and unhappy.

He has failed to repeat his father’s achievements as PM. chip off Lee Hsien Loong’s dismal record is unimaginable given that he has been “trained” as minister for 20 years before taking on the job as PM in 2004. Neither have the genes from his father been of much help. He might have inherited intelligent genes from his father but certainly not his performance. Unhappiness with their MP’s performance as PM was evident from our conversations with several groups of AMK residents in our walkabout. We met many residents who were severely affected by PAP’s policies that did not create a trickle down effect for the lower to middle class families, even in the PM’s GRC.

Among them was a cleaner lady, Mdm Tham, resident of AMK, who described her struggle as a hawker centre helper. Mdm Tham earns a meagre salary of between $600 to $700 just to cover her monthly room rent. We will follow up with an article on Mdm Tham very soon as she represents the many elderly Singaporeans who need to perform the daily grind even at her age.


Mdm Tham earns $600 – $700 monthly as a part-time hawker centre helper

Prior to the walkabout, we briefed our members to familiarise them with the route. Some new members also shared their lives, their hopes, their dreams, how they have been affected by the recent policies and why they joined SingFirst.

singfirst members share

From left to right – Randy Ashmooni, Richard Foo, Roger Lim and Abel Soh

SingFirst Briefing

Tan Peng Ann briefed and shared the experience from the first walkabout in Tanjong Pagar for the second one in AMK

SingFirst AMK briefing The walkabout photos after the heavy downpour last Sunday.

SingFirst AMK walkabout

Members and supporters at AMK Central, on the steps again.

SingFirst with ice cream vendor

With our favourite ice cream vendor

From left to right – Kim, Melvyn, Wai Sun and Jovin

SingFirst AMK Walkabout


A new supporter, Gabriel, who came specially to meet Yong Guan after missing the first walkabout in Tanjong Pagar.


Chee Yong


Abdul Rahim bin Osman


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  1. The people are hungry for change. One can just feel the frustration from the ground but as typical Singaporean, the frustrated are still not that vocal fearing repercussion. We need a credible Opposition to lead. SingFirst has all the credentials. Better still, if this group can convince George Yeo to join them, PAP will surely go down in history during the next election. Please, please, use all your connection to convince George that he will do Singapore good if he can put down his previous tie with PAP and work for the good of Singapore. I believe that SingFirst, if it honours what it says in its manifesto will make a very good government if elected. Thank you.

  2. “He has failed to repeat his father’s achievements as PM.”

    The underlying governing philosophy, and most of the fundamental policies and rules of this government were put in place by LKY.

    Hence it’s laughable and weird that SingFirst is so impressed with the achievements of LKY, as if the party is happy with what had happened over the last five decades of PAP governance.

    During LKY’s days, such turn-coats as Ang Tong Guan as Tan Peng Ann, who served the regime loyally as soldiers, would have been ‘exposed’ and made to pay a ‘price’.

  3. Yes, life in Singapore is very tough. Its easy to criticize but can you do better? Tell us your solutions with real numbers? No point to walk and talk

    • There are plenty of balanced and substantiated alternatives from opposition members, ordinary Singaporeans and even civil servants publicly published. It is you who is denying it with this sneaky comment.

  4. LHL’s economy model of using cheap labour to subsidise high rentals is unsustainable. LHL is making life miserable for Singaporeans and he is wreaking havoc on Singapore’s social harmony and unity.

  5. Dear SingFirst, Thank you for speaking up for and willing to work to see better days ahead for Singaporeans, The fall of PAP is imminent, the sooner the better. A strong team must be sent to AMK GRC to let LHL know how unpopular he is.

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