SingFirst’s reply to CNA on PM Lee’s speech

Press Release

Channel News Asia sought SingFirst’s views regarding PM Lee’s speech at the PAP party conference on 7 Dec 2014. He spoke about how the next GE will be a deadly serious fight, that it was about choosing the next government and not merely giving more seats to the opposition.

CNA’s report on his speech here.

CNA: What is Sing First’s response to the speech?

SingFirst : The PM shows lack of confidence. He is flip-flopping. More than 20 years ago when town councils were introduced, PAP had said that election was about electing MPs to manage local housing estates, instilling fear in voters that their estates would be mismanaged by opposition MPs and would consequently drop in value. Now that opposition MPs have proven that they can manage housing estates, PAP is singing a different tune. By describing it as a national election now, PAP hopes to instill fear in voters that opposition cannot manage the country. We will prove the PAP wrong just as the opposition PAP themselves without experience in government proved the ruling party in 1959 wrong.

There is another revealing aspect. By downplaying the local dimension of a GE, the PM unwittingly shows his lack of confidence in his party local machinery which has been failing in recent years. He knows his local machinery will fail him again in the coming GE and it will not be a surprise if he is side-stepping them.

PM also implies that the nation does not need checkers. He is wrong. Every organisation needs checkers; for example, the accounts of companies need to be checked by auditors. Without checkers, the PAP government will be prosecutor, judge and jury, all in one. Isn’t this scary? The PM is also wrong to say a checker will mean one doer or thinker less and hence a less effective government. The government does not need all MPs to be in government. it only needs a majority of MPs to form the government or 44 MPs in the current Parliament; not all MPs are members of the government with government posts. So even if all the 43 non-government MPs are opposition MPs, the government can still function effectively with all 43 opposition MPs as checkers.

The PM misled Singaporeans by saying opposition parties have no vision. If he goes to the website of opposition parties, he will notice they have a vision for the country. For example, SingFirst states its vision loud and clear on its website. Obviously PM does not know his competitors well. Has he forgotten what Sun Tze said, “Know yourself, know your enemy, a thousand battles, a thousand victories.” With LHL as leader, PAP will not win a thousand victories and it will not achieve its stated goal of winning back all lost seats. Isn’t it time for the PAP to change its Secretary General?

CNA: How would the party define the next GE?

SingFirst :  We see the next GE as a last chance for Singaporeans to assert ourselves, our interests and well being in the face of PAP’s relentless attempt to dilute the core of native Singaporeans by converting huge numbers of foreigners to citizenship. Yes the next GE is deadly serious for true blue Singaporeans.

CNA: How is the party gearing up for the next elections?

SingFirst: We are gearing up to contest as many constituencies as we can to provide an alternative to the PAP in cooperation with other opposition parties.

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  1. thinker ..depends on what the subject is all about , if his thinking is to fixed others all the time
    then in my opinion , he is not a good leader , not a player nor sportmanship .
    we need a team to lead the country not individuals …

    if the subject is about fighting , the there is bound to be a winner and a looser ..
    the country need a team that is harmonious and forgiving to lead us into more happy and prosperous lives moving forward ..

    happy election …my dear fellow Singaporean ….every vote counts ….

    Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 14:20:05 +0000

  2. Whoa… I’m curious as to what these “declassified” information entails. I’m pretty sure it’s from an Australian and British perspective. So, is it trustworthy? If it verifiable?

    I’m from the new generation, and I think SingFirst… still has a long way to go before it can establish credibility.

  3. Its been close to 60 years since a single party dominated the political landscape of Singapore.
    During the crucial period, before and after merger much happened. Operation Coldstore, etc…
    Many books have been published by players who wielded power, those close to leaders within the corridors of power and those that have been labelled as Communist, left wingers and dissidents.
    The Australian and British archives have done a great service to Singaporeans by making available declassified information. The truth is out but none of the living players had explained it to the people.
    The masses have a right to such revelations for if there are grounds to impeach the credibility of those involved it should be done. Those imprisoned wrongly, had their reputations tarnished has a right to seek redress.
    The PAP still remain quiet as if nothing happened and still pursue the path that was in present Internet era.
    The press and mass media remains muzzled and the people have reached a stage where they rely on “reliable” information.
    Our children are getting disillusioned with the way they are governed.
    RCs, CCCs, CCMCs, PA and many other bodies have lost credibility. These ppoison is slowly but surely affecting other organisations that are there tlserve the masses. Those running these organisations are completely beholden to those in power. The men below them are disgruntled and such a state of affairs is no good.
    Sometimes, as a former civil servant I wonder whether those public departments will ever win the trust and confidence of the people.
    Our elected President is duty bound to offer an explanation to the people.
    I hope SingFirst will succeed in restoring the confidence of the people in the government organs.
    I also appeal to car he’s civil servants to remember that Singapore is a Westminster styled democracy and not a monarchy or fiefdom.
    The Civil Service is for the people. It is paid by the people. It has to differentiate between those that are the elected government and those that they rightfully serve.
    To continue blindly serving those in power and neglect the people is a recipe for disaster.
    Majulah SingFirst. Majulah Rakyat. Majulah Singapore.

  4. Well awesome answers to all QANDAs.

    As expected, SingFirst has a class above the PAP.

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