SingFirst : Whither Tampines?

After our walkabout in Tampines GRC on Sunday 18 Jan 2015, we sought comments from SingFirst members about their thoughts and encounters with the residents. We also received many comments from our Facebook readers, some who support us and others who are not so supportive. Read on to find out if your comments are included below.


These are from SingFirst members:

By Sukhdev Singh Gill


Sukhdev Singh Gill

“To the good people of Tampines GRC. Are you happy with your lives?

You must be because it’s a Sunday and you are able to spend time in the midst of your loved ones. Truly good for this is a precious moment to be together.

Tomorrow is gonna be another working day and the rush to work would begin. All trains and buses would be packed like sardines. Stressed kids would be rushing to school. The roads would be packed and cash registers at ERP gantries would be busy registering cash coming in. Drivers would not realise that they are becoming poorer after clearing each ERP point.

Your midday lunch always cost more because the hawkers pay high rents to the corporations or private operators who bid the highest tender for that food centre. Same with those from which these hawkers buy their raw materials. A vicious man-made problem.

Your return journey would be the same till your work week ends. Wonder how many of you are waiting for a hospital bed before an operation can be conducted?

Life is precious. But who will you blame? You and your loved ones have to cough out the little money that you have to pay the hefty bills. Some may even be too ill and ‘bo pian’ have to be admitted into a private hospital. This is love, care and concern which binds us all. Good attributes.

But honestly are you happy? Stress is a slow killer. Who are you going to hold responsible? Why are you living such hectic lives? Do you want your loved ones to inherit such stressful lives?

Think about it.

An overloaded ferry run by people who think of nothing but money would surely sink. So please think about the consequences of supporting irresponsible people. Aren’t your lives and those of your loved ones worth a thought?

I am scared stiff. 

In all honesty, aren’t you? There’s still time to ponder.

Tomorrow the rush is gonna repeat. Strike the iron when its hot. Time is precious.”

By Abel Soh


Abel Soh

“Are you happy with the current government?

If the answer is no, this is where we come in.

If the answer is yes, ask them this question: Do you think they can do better? This is also how we move in. This is how we can engage them effectively.

Ask them open questions so that we can engage them to voice their concerns. Make them open up. Get feedback. Make them feel we have that CARING heart to listen”.

By Mohd Sharil Amir


Mohd Sharil Amir

“As we walked through the market and mingled with the breakfast crowd, introducing ourselves and the party mission, common questions that popped out such as “Is the election coming?” “Are you contesting here?” to words of support: “Do contest here, we need it.” “We need more opposition voices in Parliament.” “If you put up credible candidates to contest, we will vote you in.”

Overall, we are received with enthusiasm and also curiosity from these residents. Looks like this is the first time that Tampines residents are hearing SingFirst. Yes, Singaporeans are slowly taking in SingFirst brand and understanding our mission and values. While there were quite a few rejections as we moved around, hustling between the shops, we took all these in our stride, smiling and moving on. These are the realities that every new opposition party will face but I felt that these residents are slowly warming up to what we stand for and our values.

One of the residents I’ve met commented that in the last 2011 election, NSP managed a decent result although they did not cover much grounds. There’re not much presence of NSP walkabouts (even flyers) but they garnered 42% of the votes. It’s due to pent up frustrations against Mah Bow Tan’s housing policies that resulted in skyrocketing HDB flat prices. Therefore, imagine if we work hard to cover these grounds as much as possible and making ourselves seen and heard all over Tampines (with flyers at every doors)?

What will their votes be? Tampines residents would welcome this change. We are the change that they seek for”.

By Eric Wong


Eric Wong (left) and Ang Yong Guan (right)

“I was very encouraged that a young lady asked whether we have a youth wing. This shows the political maturity in our youths. College students too have been asking probing questions in various seminars and dialogue sessions. It will be great if we could get greater traffic from various university and polytechnic students unions and expose them to the social issues our country is facing. We should continue to write reports to tell and educate Singaporeans and if our reports make sense to them, the party will gain more recognition”.

By Hong Lee

“Stall owner businessman, age 60+, English-speaking said, “Wa!! You people dare to come here (Tampines), good!”

Non-Tampines resident, female, age 30+, at the food court said, “You go to Yishun, I vote for you “.

By Roger Lim


Tan Peng Ann and Roger Lim (left to right) chatting with a friendly resident

“Met a group, introduced SingFirst and gave them flyers. They asked when is the election. I replied that we are preparing for it that’s why we here for the walkabout. They smiled and gave thumbs up after looking at the SingFirst flyers”.

By Ang Yong Guan


Ang Yong Guan (left) and Randy Ashmoori (right)

“A Taiwanese lady, a Singaporean for many years with 3 grown up children wants to form a cheer team for SingFirst. She used to cheer for the opposition in Taiwan. She wants to gather some of her friends to do a cheer item before our rally speeches. She has given to us her contact number. She is full of vitality and energy!


The feisty Taiwanese lady, Tan Peng Ann and Ang Yong Guan (left to right)

Another man Mr Sim wanted me to autograph for him (my first in 4 walkabouts) and took photo with me. He also left his telephone number to contact him!”


Ang Yong Guan and Mr Sim

And now, from our Facebook readers:

By Bryan Ti (our regular contributor)

“This is the kind of utter rubbish that warped and obtuse minded Opposition politicians like TJS and Ang Yong Guan come up with, when they are desperate to appeal to the rabid and mindless crowd. Yes, the number of murders have gone up because of the MPs! What a joke. Then I’d like to shift the blame to the psychiatrists like our dear Dr Ang for not offering his psychiatric services to the poor Singaporeans because the rates he charges are only affordable to the well-off locals and rich foreigners”.

Ang Yong Guan’s reply: “Please read carefully and comment in a responsible manner. SingFirst did not write that the numbers of murders have gone up because of the MPs. This is what we wrote:

….. Murder of a PRC woman allegedly by another PRC man on 16 December 2014 (Tampines East) The most recent murder on 16 Dec 2014 is very troubling. The scene of the crime, a 5-room HDB flat, was actually rented out to 10 tenants from PRC. Moreover the owner of the flat is a Malaysian who lives in a private condominium but rents out his flat to the PRC tenants. How did our housing policy allow foreigners to make money by renting out their HDB flats? Aside from the tragic background stories of these victims in Tampines GRC, we also ask if there has been an overcrowding of residents due to the government’s liberal immigration policy.

Also, Dr Ang had served 23 years in the SAF collecting public salary. He offers FREE psychiatric consultation to Bryan Ti because even the poor consult Dr Ang”.

By Jenny Quek

“The white critics and supporters are out to confuse the public once again. Did SingFirst say or imply that “the number of murders have gone up because of the MPs??? Go back to your basic English lessons”.

By Steven Tan

“Dun forget Pre-School Education is also under MOE – critical yet still non-compulsory, and expensive, long waiting lists of up to thousand plus at some centres in newer estates, poor provision of Early Childhood Intervention Programmes, inflexible child pickup timings that do not help working parents etc… PAP has failed terribly at supporting the very child births that are the number one priority to reverse aging population”.

By Leong Kum Weng

“I never seen my MPs since 1982 when I shifted here. I still remember many years ago there was once I wrote to my MP regarding an issue. One fine day, when I was having conversation with friend, caller id alerted me from a lady saying she was from PA. She asked me to put down the phone immediately because MP wanted to talk to me. Possible to imagine the arrogance of PA during those days. The MP in-charge eventually did not call me”.

By Albert Tay

“WP for a First World Parliament, SDP for a better tomorrow and SingFirst for Singaporeans”.

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