Walkabout 4 : Tampines GRC is Hot and Spicy!

Why does SingFirst choose to walk in Tampines this morning Sunday 18 January 2015?

SingFirst wants to highlight the failings of the PAP government for which the minister-in-charge of the PAP team, Mr Heng Swee Keat, must take primary responsibility. Mr Heng, the Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC, is also Minister of Education, chairman of SG50 Committee and former managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


Education Policy that works against Singaporeans

As education minister, the major failings of Mr Heng are :

  1. Parents have to spend an estimated $1 billion a year on private tuition for their children which shows the failure of his ministry in providing adequate and effective teaching in schools;
  2. About $400 million is spent on scholarships and free tuition grants for foreign students every year when 60% of our students in the local universities need financial assistance to pay fees and one-third of school children have no pocket-money for lunch;
  3. Large numbers of foreign students on scholarships and free tuition grants take up places in schools, polytechnics and universities, thus depriving Singaporean children of their rightful place. In the case of university places, parents have to spend their hard-earned savings to finance their children in overseas universities;
  4. There is a serious shortage of places for Singaporeans in tertiary institutions but instead of taking ownership of the problem they have created, PAP ministers told Singaporeans to lower their expectations and forgo university education, and last but not least;
  5. Singapore students spend the world’s third longest number of hours on homework, thereby making schooling a stress, not a joy.

Glorification of one man in SG50

As chairman of SG50, Mr Heng will spend enormous state resources of funds and personnel in activities that will

  1. Give undue advantage to the ruling party in the run up to the next general election and
  2. Glorify one man, Lee Kuan Yew, more than any others at a time when doubts have been raised about his role with the publication of declassified British government documents. With the arrests and detention without trial of PAP’s political opponents, was Mr Lee truly a hero or something else? Before the chairman of SG50 even starts to spend a single cent on this glorification, should he not ensure the authenticity by asking for all documents relating to the arrests and detentions to be released and published? Does he not owe this simple duty to Singaporeans before spending our money?

Remember Mini-Bonds?

When Mr Heng was managing director of MAS, financial institutions sold some dubious investment products to the public including ordinary Singaporeans and town councils who lost millions of dollars of their savings in the subsequent financial crisis.

There are two other reasons for SingFirst to walk in Tampines GRC that are not directly related to Mr Heng but for which his government must take responsibility.

Increasing spate of murders in Tampines GRC

a. Murder of a 16-year-old girl allegedly by her maid on 17 Nov 2013 (Tampines Central)

b. Murder of a 7-year-old boy allegedly by his mother on 13 Sep 2014 (Tampines West)

c. Murder of a 54-year-old woman allegedly by her 80-year-old father-in-law on 21 Aug 2014 (Tampines North)

d. Murder of a PRC woman allegedly by another PRC man on 16 December 2014 (Tampines East)

The most recent murder on 16 Dec 2014 is very troubling. The scene of the crime, a 5-room HDB flat, was actually rented out to 10 tenants from PRC. Moreover the owner of the flat is a Malaysian who lives in a private condominium but rents out his flat to the PRC tenants. How did our housing policy allow foreigners to make money by renting our their HDB flats? Aside from the tragic background stories of these victims in Tampines GRC, we also ask if there has been an overcrowding of residents due to the government’s liberal immigration policy.

Baey Yam Keng’s $2.50 nasi padang dish

On 11 December 2013, MP Baey Yam Keng ordered a nasi padang dish in Tampines Block 475 which cost him $2.50. An hour after he posted it on his Facebook, a netizen went to the same kopitiam and ordered the same dish but was charged $6.00. What a world of difference between the privileged life of a PAP MP and that of an ordinary citizen. No wonder PAP MPs don’t complain about the rising cost of living that affects mere mortals!

Tampines GRC has both the national and local ingredients of a “hot & spicy” constituency. Don’t you agree?

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  1. 1) Every post has an author by not quoting the author of the article shows that how low credible the article is.

    2) If you wanna hit hot on issues, please give solutions not problems.

    3) How to be credible when you start off as not credible to begin with

  2. On point 4 of education policy, I would like to point out that the government’s direction is right because if we simply continued to create more University Places, it would create a graduate glut as seen in Taiwan and China. This will be far worse than the current situation because it means degree holders applying for jobs that do not fit in what they study, such as drivers, waiters, technicians etc. There is already a worry of a lawyer glut occurring so I really don’t see what is wrong with capping University education. If you really want to tackle the issue, I feel that it should be a matter of pointing out that quality education doesn’t have to be from University, but sadly today that is the case, making it a mad dash to enter Unis.

    Most of your other points are still valid concerns but you need to give some form of vision, proposal for change to make things sound more solid.

  3. Excellent article, SingFirst. Let Singaporeans know the failures and evil deeds of the pap. Thank you for speaking up for Singaporeans. Together, we can bring pap to its knees

  4. This is the kind of utter rubbish we get from a bunch of warped and obtuse minded politicians (desperate for votes).

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