SingFirst sets the direction, PAP follows

When Singfirst had a walkabout in Tampines GRC yesterday 18 Jan 2015, PAP was similarly walking their constituency in Tampines East. We did a double take when we read the articles by the mainstream media this morning.

Why is PAP repeating our name?


Straits Times article on 19 Jan 2015 (we felt that their words described our logo quite well, no pun intended)

Our members wish to thank PAP’s acknowledgement of our party with the following messages:

By Chia Cheok Chong

“PAP has no words to put to Singaporeans except to use our party’s name…barely 5 months after we registered as a new political party…. If SingFirst wasn’t optimistic and daring, 4 walkabouts would not have been completed, its name would not have been featured on the national papers today. Singaporeans first was used by the 50 year old ruling party to call out to Singaporeans!”

By Abel Soh

“Most suitable pun with FREE publicity. Government puts Singaporeans first above all. What an honour, respect and acknowledgement to Singaporeans First (SingFirst)!”

By David Foo

“This is great news headline as we visited Tampines yesterday.”

By Mohd Sharil Amir

“PAP is walking in SingFirst’s shadow.”

By David Tan

“Great! Now everyone is SingFirst!”

By David Wong

“Government finally puts the interests of Singaporeans first. What have they been doing all this while? Putting their own interests first?”

By Roger Lim

“Put Singaporeans first? Really? Awaken after forgetting to do the right things most of the time. A good reminder for them too.”

By Alice Choo

“Singfirst & beloved Singaporeans make the changes for a fair & just society with their hearts & deeds!”

2015-01-19 12.31.10

Zao Bao article on 19 Jan 2015

Perhaps the best double pun of the day from Tan Peng Ann

“Grace Fu, gracefully following SingFirst.”

And finally, an inspirational message from Sukhdev Singh Gill:

“If man wasn’t optimistic and daring, Edmund Hillary & Sherpa Tenzing would not have scaled the apex of Everest, Neil Armstrong and fellow astronauts and cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin would not have landed on the lunar surface, Mandela would not have gotten hold of South Africa and Deng Xiao Peng would not have risen to power in PRC.

The call for freedom and the cries of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity ended the reign of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in France.

So March on SingFirst for you have the support of all, even the quiet ones.
Singapore is a democracy and not a monopoly of any single party.
Let those who dampen your spirits be overwhelmed by your political success to make our beloved Singapore good for ALL.

The word Impossible is not within your vocabulary and neither is Arrogance.

Majulah Singapura”

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  1. Focus on what the Party is out to achieve for Singapore…Stop the what could be perceived as childish or even churlish comments about the PAP or its press supporters are doing. Contrasting or comparing your new Party with the PAP’s shortfall with an attitude will not win respect or votes eventually as much as being true to your conviction and state your mission and capabilities loud and clear… Integrity need not be self praised. It shines like a beacon. Those who value integrity will be guided by it. Singaporeans are matured now and so are new citizens who collectively are looking for alternative leaders wit credibility to lead the nation. That the PAP has no delivered on its promises is already felt nation wide and we have no need to be reminded what good government is and at a price concern citizens are prepared to pay and endure the consequences of its policies.

  2. Well done, SingFirst. But we must scrutinise what PAP does rather than what PAP says. PAP normally doesn’t do what it says. Let us see whether PAP truly puts Singapopreans first, ahead of foreigners.

  3. All Singaporeans should be glad that their interests are placed first in their own country yet with a tinge of remorse that only a few were put first all these years. Better late than never

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