Mythbuster 5 : Will SingFirst bankrupt Singapore? Adakah SingFirst akan memufliskan Singapura? 迷思五: 你会不会使得新加坡破产?

NA_181892_COSS_spring [Converted] Mythbuster 5: Where are you getting the funds to provide these welfare benefits? Will they not bankrupt the country?

These welfare benefits will be financed by the returns on our investments. Our reserves and investments are huge and generate more than sufficient returns to fund our proposed social safety net. We are using only the returns without touching the reserves (or  ‘raiding the reserves’ in PAP’s language). Our proposed social programme can be sustained and will not bankrupt the country.

This will become clear when we disclose the details at our upcoming press conference on Thursday, 12 February 2015.

Mythbuster 5: Di manakah anda akan mendapatkan dana untuk menyediakan faedah kebajikan? Adakah ini akan membangkrapkan negara ini?

Faedah-faedah kebajikan akan dibiayai oleh pulangan pelaburan kami. Rizab dan pelaburan kami adalah besar dan menjana pulangan yang lebih daripada mencukupi untuk membiayai cadangan jaringan keselamatan sosial kami. Kami hanya menggunakan pulangan tanpa menyentuh rizab (atau ‘menyerang rizab’ dalam bahasa PAP). Program sosial cadangan kami boleh dikekalkan dan tidak akan membangkrapkan negara.

Ini akan menjadi jelas apabila kita mendedahkan butiran-butirannya di sidang akhbar pada hari Khamis 12 Februari 2015.

迷思五: 你从哪里获得资金来提供这些福利?这么做会不会使得国家破产?

我们将通过投资所得的回报来进行这些福利支付。我们的储备和投资是庞大的,所得的投资收益足以支付我们所创议的社会安全网, 并不会碰触到储备金 (取用PAP的语言来说就是“袭击储备金”)。我们所提出的各项社会福利是可以持续的,不会导致国家破产。


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  1. “more time is spent on fixing them then to blend them in”. This is my appeal on fB in Response to comments about the current performance gap in Parliament. See full comment below *

    (1) I was at the press conference yesterday: where SingFirst has feasible suggestions. To fix the current inequality in Singapore and reduce the suffering of citizens. (2) Need the long-term support of You, your family and friends as possibly two terms in office are required to rebuild this country built up by our pioneers. (3) getting SingFirst into Parliament is required. (4) on my deathbed in Singapore, I want to have you, my friends and family near me. (5) I will have failed if you or your child have to live in a foreign land or in a country where the Singaporean core is corrupted by unethical values.

    *Parliamentary debate should be a place where policies are proposed and discussed for the better of citizens of the country.

    It must not, and should not be degraded into a political battlefield where potshots are aimed at different parties.

    It’s really a sad day, not of politics, but for citizens.

  2. When TJS was with SDP as its GE2011 candidate, he frivolously proposed taking $60bn out from the Reserves to spend.

    Now he has changed his stand and instead says he’d only spend from the investment returns from the Reserves.

    If we had fritterat away money directly from the Reserves, as he had previously suggested, there would not have been much returns for him now.

    They may not bankrupt the nation just yet, but such is the irresponsible attitude of Singfirst party that we should not be allow them anywhere near the Reserves or Parliament.

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