SingFirst Dinner Part 3 – Speech by Vice Chairman Mr Tan Peng Ann

 SingFirst’s Inaugural Dinner

Speech by Vice Chairman Mr Tan Peng Ann on 22 March 2015


Insight into our plans

Singaporeans First is a new party and we are a sincere party. We are barely 7 months old.

Like Singapore, small and new in 1965, we are today small and new in 2015. However SingFirst wants to contribute to Singapore’s success story so that when Singapore celebrates SG100, SingFirst will be well and deep-rooted and remembered.

We have 3 main thrusts:

1. Walkabouts

We have a team of young and dedicated members who will, under the guidance of the CEC, map out our GRC election campaign strategy by designing a model/template. With this model/template, we can easily ramp up our campaigns in other GRCs that we decide to contest in. We will be using Marine Parade as our platform for this effort. So you may see us walking the ground in Marine Parade. Don’t be alarmed but be comforted that this is only our initial effort to map out our strategy. We know there will be changes in boundaries, and will take it one step at a time.

2. Public forums

We will also reach out to more Singaporeans through our public forums. Forums will be used for discussions, gathering of feedback and the exploration of strategies for our policy fine-tuning. The first forum will be held in May and the topic of interest will be “Ministerial Salaries”. Details on date and venue will be announced soon.

3. Upcoming General Election 

Our members and all present here may want to know where we are going to contest. We want to be realistic, and we want also to aim for regime change. We will probably target 4 to 6 GRCs, or even more, and together with other like-minded parties aim to tip the balance this time.

SingFirst will look for this tipping point. We will collaborate, cooperate and jointly discuss with other parties to achieve a total win. There are enough GRCs to go around. We hope that the presence of all opposition parties this evening is a very strong signal of this intent to going into battle together.






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  1. Spent many refreshing hours reading again all speeches n articles on SingFirst website. Best wishes to DR AYG, TJS n TPA.

  2. congratulations again to SingFirst for this successful dinner party and having so many opposition parties and their members to join you. i am encouraged by this show of support from so many Singaporeans, as well as by the frank and sincere messages by both Ang Yong Guan and Tan Peng Ann. best wishes in all your endeavours as well as for the coming GE.

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