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  1. If Singapore opposition parties want to take on the PAP they must form a strong opposition alliance with a common policy framework. They should have done this a long time ago instead sitting on their backsides all this while and trying to figure out how not to avoid 3 or 4 cornered fights whenever there is an oncoming election. This is time wasting and the PAP is laughing. Voters will not elect mosquito parties into parliament to clash among themselves. In Malaysia the DAP and Parti Keadilan formed a united front to kick out Umno/BN from Penang and Selangor. Wake up and learn from Malaysia.

  2. i agree that the opposition parties shld avoid 3-cornered contests as the most important strategy for the coming GE. the leaders of the opposition parties shld meet as soon as possible to decide the GRCs and SMCs that their parties will contest. this will maximise their chances of beating the PAP as 3-cornered fights will only dilute the opposition votes.

    best wishes to SingFirst for the GE.

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