SingFirst members: Feedback from the 2 Walkabouts

SingFirst had 2 walkabouts in 2 GRCs on Saturday, 1 Aug 2015 (Tanjong Pagar GRC) and Sunday, 2 Aug 2015 (West Coast GRC).

On Saturday we walked around Tiong Bahru market and its surrounding area, then took a short MRT trip to Tanjong Pagar where we toured the market.

On Sunday we visited Tanglin Halt market, the food centre and its surrounding area. Then we took another short MRT ride from Commonwealth Station to Bouna Vista Station where we ended our walkabout at The Star Vista.

Here are the photos and feedback from the residents and SingFirst members after our short “Journey to the West”. 1DSC_0654

Dr Ang Yong Guan wrote:


“Unlike previous walkabouts, this time round, at least 15 people I met were enthusiastic to leave behind their hand-phone numbers or email address and asked how they could assist SingFirst in the coming election. One was ready to be an assentor for us in the coming GE. For the rest of the people we met, many were forthcoming to express their desire for a contest so that they can have a chance to vote. Many said they had not voted for more than a quarter of a century.

One cleaning staff spotted us when we were walking towards Holland Village and he immediately shouted: “Good morning” extended his hands to shake ours and asked for our flyers. He obviously recognized our party’s bright royal blue shirts.

One person took out his wallet and we thought he was going to make a donation. Instead, he showed us his PAP membership card and said he had been disillusioned with the PAP in recent years and he would want to resign from the party to give us his support. A handful did not want to take our flyers and one in particular said loudly: “I am PAP, man”.

One by the name of Vincent said he was Winston Lim’s classmate and wanted us to convey best wishes to him before proclaiming he too is an Opposition supporter.

The eagerness for a contest was palpable. Most were friendly and warm and wished us to contest there. “

Chia Cheok Choong received these feedback from residents:


“I admire your party for its bold plans and bravery to be the first opposition party to contest in Tanjong Pagar GRC. It has been a long time and I have not cast my vote. And because you have come I will cast my vote to your party!”

Another resident, an ex-teacher said : “I have no chance to help or do anything for Tanjong Pagar GRC for so many elections because of the previous walkovers. Seeing you this time will be different. I will vote for your party to make a difference!”

A stall owner and resident himself: “I have waited for a long time and now I am glad that your party has come. I will definitely vote for your party to make a change to help our residents here.”

Sukhdev Singh wrote :


“As I walked along the footpath with Jee Say leading the blue contingent, a sense of inner happiness enveloped me completely and a tinge of sadness crept in and completely overwhelmed me.

I kept asking myself as to why these people of Tanjong Pagar had been unjustly denied of their votes for close to three decades. These are Singaporeans too – not some forgotten souls. The market place was where we were all received with warmth. The sense of being wanted permeated the entire atmosphere.

How can SingFirst ever leave their dreams of representation unfulfilled?

It was these inner feelings that told me that we will do our very best to send in our team into Tanjong Pagar and restore the wishes of people neglected for close to 25 years. March forward our men and women in blue. Make their dreams come true. Let unity sow the first seed.”

Mohd Sharil wrote :


“Tanjong Pagar residents have enthusiastically welcomed SingFirst’s intention in contesting Tanjung Pagar GRC and this was clearly shown in the spontaneous encouragement and kind words that we received during our walkabout.

As I walked through the crowd, shaking hands and briefly explaining our mission to these residents, I told myself that we need the change after more than 25 years of Walkovers! As I felt the rush of excitement, I knew that SingFirst would make it in this GRC and pave the way for more success in other GRCs too.

Tanjong Pagar residents were hungry and anxious for other alternative parties to come in and I hope they will make their decision clear. I spoke to many of the Malay residents to get their feedback on the recent comments by Mr Yaacob Ibrahim about 50 years of ‘spectacular’ Malay achievements. Straightaway, they said it was not wholly due to the Government intervention. In fact, they brought up discrimination in jobs and the lack of educational financial support and social safety net faced by them and Singaporeans at large. Not only that, they felt that the Government is being unreasonable for not allowing Malay women to wear ‘tudung’ in the government uniform sectors and this ban shows their blase attitude towards the Malay/Muslim community. How long do our Muslim women have to wait for our government to approve this already 30 year-old issue? Another 30 years, perhaps?

Our mission has stated clearly the principle of ‘Fair Society’ where no communities will be left behind or discriminated due to their beliefs. Let’s give Singaporeans the SG50 present – To be free from being chained to a single party with outdated and out of touch policy for 50 long years.”

Wong Yin Yuan wrote : IMG-20150801-WA0013 “Last Saturday was the best reception we have had. The body language, hand shakes and camaraderie among residents was much deeper than previous walkabouts. There is also a blog about Tanjong Pagar that I like to share with our readers.”

Wong Kuan Chun wrote : IMG-20150801-WA0026 “Residents asked what SingFirst can do for them. I personally believe we have to show our sincerity to the residents and put our A-Team there to have any chance of winning their trust. We have to show that we mean business. Best wishes to SingFirst for this evening’s meeting with the other opposition parties to avoid any possibilities of 3-corner fights.”

Ella Shen wrote :


“I was extremely delighted and motivated that some shops owners remembered SingFirst had walked there months ago. It was really encouraging.

I also noted that besides handing out our flyers, there’s a need to follow up with a warm handshake. You can immediately see the genuine smiles of the residents, welcoming our presence and agreeing to take photos with us. Some looked hesitant at first. However after our warm handshakes, they became very friendly and spoke about how they have been deprived of their choice of party.

A lady told me she was glad that finally, she has the chance to vote according to her choice.

Another wheelchair-bound old lady asked me what are we doing… She requested for our flyers. I explained our purpose and she was equally glad that at last, she has a chance to vote for her choice of MP.

People on the ground really need a change to have more parties in parliament. Let’s unite and work harder at our next walkabout and give SingFirst greater exposure to be recognized and acknowledged by Singaporeans as a credible party.”

Alice Choo wrote :

DSC_0917“A party set apart to make a difference for Singaporeans’ well being. The ground is sweet for this coming GE, let’s push our goal forward to be sent into Parliament. Make a change for our children and the next generation of  Singaporeans.”




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  1. After my 4 occasions voting opportunity and being a poorest Singaporean with rich and vibrant ideas I give my full support to Singaporean First Party. I love the way they have approached to poor Singaporean like me. Singaporean First Party please do needful to poor Singaporean and you have won the heart of thousands. I live in a PAP community office building 03 floor in Jurong West and I have seen and experienced enough of PAP’s lie in my age 52 years of poor living. I want to see CHANGE and change can only be happen if we Singaporean stick to non-violent, non racial and help each other to grow further.

    Singaporean First Party you have my tick although I may get targeted by PAP not being vote to them anymore as I lost my trust on them and I want to see regardless of race and religion a party we can put trust for all Singaporean not for one.

  2. Who is the lady with the black Chanel bag and two-tone Rolex watch?

    Is she one of the CEC member’s wife?

    She’s hot & elegant!

  3. I stay in Lily Neo’s district. This is cool that we will have a choice in the next GE–I like the premise of your campaign against the PAP. I have a few questions for you from the ground. How does the very pro-PAP TP grassroots react to Singfirst? What is Singfirst doing to build a strong grassroots community in Tanjong Pagar? Also, are you planning to continue Dr Neo’s initiatives for the elderly in my neighbourhood?

  4. Congrats on the fruitful walkabout. I suggest that SFP can consider self produce some YouTube videos that can promote SFP visions to engage more Youtube viewers. Get ready as i believe that there will be a lot of GE news on YouTube during the campaign or as GE is closer.

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