National Day message for the next 50 years


We are deeply touched by the great support offered by people from all walks of life since the formation of our party SINGAPOREANS FIRST on 25 August 2014. This SG50 anniversary is for us an occasion to acknowledge with gratitude the support from our many fellow Singaporeans.

We observe from the commentaries in the main stream media that this SG50 celebration here and abroad is overly nostalgic about the past. Yes we have indeed succeeded leaps and bounds in economic terms, but politically, we are decades away from a democratic country. Nevertheless, for both the young and old, SingFirst believes we have much to look forward to with confidence and faith in the next 50 years much as we have looked back with pride.

With the advent of a new narrative of unity among the alternative parties in this upcoming General Election, we are filled with hope of a new political landscape that dispels an elitist-crony one party rule.

For when it becomes SG100, each and every Singaporean shall be Esteemed People who live in a Fair Society with Strong Families. We look forward to a country strengthened by firm beliefs in our people, social equality in our country and robust debate in Parliament. Until that day arrives, Singapore is still found wanting.

We send our warmest birthday wishes to you Singapore and to all our fellow Singaporeans.

Happy SG50!

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  1. I would add that whilst we want a fair society, we should also strive for a caring and compassionate society that will take the special effort to help those who are unable to have a good life for whatever reasons. Even more so, I would wish that Singapore will be a united nation where people from all walks of life will love Singapore as their true home to make an honest living and raise their families.

    Majulah Singapura!

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