3 Speakers at 3rd Forum : Singapore’s National Reserves

SingFirst is pleased to invite you to our 3rd Public Forum this Saturday, 15 Aug 2015.

At the forum, 3 prominent Singaporeans will share their key concerns regarding our national reserves. We will also ask the questions that you are most concerned about and hope to have a lively exchange with you.

public forum

These speakers are :

1. Kenneth Jeyaretnam, economist and Secretary General, Reform Party

a. Are Singaporeans over-taxed and under-provided for?

b. Don’t we deserve more?

2. Leong Sze Hian, financial analyst and statistician :

a. What is the difference between returns on CPF savings that GIC earned from investing them and what savers are given by the government?

b. What is the practice in pension funds outside Singapore e.g. Malaysia’s EPF? Have Singaporeans been short-changed?

3. Chris Kuan, retired banker :

a. How much reserves does Singapore have? What is the relationship between reserves, budget surpluses and CPF savings?

b. What returns have they earned? How much of these returns have come from investing our CPF savings?

public-forum-on-reserves-version-5 This Public Forum will be held in

Hotel Royal @ 36 Newton Road

15 August 2015, Saturday at 2pm.

Registration starts at 1.30pm. Please be punctual.

royal hotel

Hotel Royal is within walking distance from the Novena MRT.

Please register your attendance by clicking on this link. (We apologise if you had trouble registering due to a faulty email link. If you had previously registered, we seek your understanding to register again).

Seats are limited so do register early.

This event is FREE!

Directions to the hotel:

By MRT (Subway) –
Alight at the Novena MRT station and proceed to exit towards Thomson Road. Hotel Royal is only 8 minutes walking distance from the Novena MRT station.

By Public Bus –
Public Bus numbers:-
SBS 54, 124, 143, 162, 167 & 518 will stop at the bus stop just in front of Hotel Royal.

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  1. It is too important not to. A bunch of scholars trained in the PAP’s right-wing thinking and another bunch brought up in centrist or left-of-centre social market will come up with different solutions to the same socioeconomic problems. Unfortunately, in Singapore, the public is informed only of one narrative without any alternatives.

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