SingFirst Introduces the Second Batch of Candidates


Dr Ang Yong Guan, Chairman, SingFirst
Psychiatrist, Community Leader and Retired Army Colonel

Dr Ang Yong Guan, 60, is a psychiatrist in private practice. He served in the Singapore Armed Forces for 23 years; retiring in 2003 as a colonel. He has held various leadership posts such as President of Singapore Psychiatric Association, Chairman of the Chapter of Psychiatrists, Academy of Medicine, Council Member of National Council on Problem Gambling and Chairman of Action Group for Mental Illness. He is currently a Member of the Panel of Medical Experts, Subordinate Courts, Singapore. He was an active grassroots leader for more than 15 years, holding key appointments such as Secretary of the Citizens’ Consultative Committee and Chairman of a Community Club. He has 2 National Day Awards; the Public Service Medal (PBM) for community work and the Public Administration Medal (PPA) for his service in the military.

Dr Ang contested together with Mr Tan Jee Say in the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC in GE2011 polling about 40% of the votes cast.


Dr Foo Ming Jin David PhD, Treasurer, SingFirst
Chemist and Logistician

Dr David Foo Ming Jin, 51, is a chemist and logistics professional. He is currently employed to drive the research into the next generation of materials for bulk packaging. Dr Foo has worked and taught in research institutes in the United States and Singapore such as A*STAR and Johnson & Johnson. He has also worked for multinational corporations such as SAFC (Sigma-Aldrich Fine Chemicals) and DHL Global Forwarding.He was the Regional Sector Head for the chemical and energy sectors at DHL Global Forwarding Asia Pacific Management. Dr Foo is active in civil society. He is a member of the audit committee with the Singapore Catalysis Society and serves as a member of a school advisory board. David is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, UK. He was a co-founder of the Think Centre.


Sukdeu Singh, CEC Member, SingFirst
Retired Police Officer

Sukdeu Singh, 64, is a retired police officer with the Singapore Police Force. Investigation work, maintaining police and community relationship and tutoring other police officers were his duties in his 31 years of service. He was awarded the Good Conduct and Long Service Award during his term and retired in 2000. He is now looking after his grandchildren. He also took part in acting in the TCS series, “ True Files ” , in which he performed the role of the late Justice Choor Singh. Community work in North Sulawesi kampongs from 2000 till 2013 was also part of his schedule after his retirement till he joined SingFirst in 2014.


Tan Peng Ann, Co-Founder, SingFirst
Community Leader, Social Entrepreneur and Retired Army Colonel

Tan Peng Ann, 67, is a retired army colonel, community leader and social entrepreneur. After completing his secondary education in Raffles Institution, he gave 30 good years of his life to the Singapore Armed Forces. He studied humanities at the National University of Singapore on an SAF Local Training Award. He was awarded with the Public Administrative Medal, PPA (Bronze) Military. He also received the Public Service Medal, PBM, for his contribution to the community; having served in the Community Development Council and Town Council, and as Chairman of a Community Club. He started his own non-government organisation (NGO) to educate and develop the young in a remote commune in Takeo Province, Cambodia. In recent years, Peng Ann has become concerned about the shortsightedness of certain public policies that have affected Singaporeans particularly senior citizens. By coming forward now, he hopes to play an active and meaningful role in bringing about a better tomorrow for Singaporeans.


Wong Soon Hong, Member, SingFirst
Chemical Sales Director

Wong Soon Hong, 57, is a Sales Director of a local trading firm. He manages his own chemical & marine hardware business since 1994 which he set up after working for seven years in a U.S. MNC, DuPont. He has been active in community work since his undergraduate student days at the University of Western Ontario. He is an avid ice skating and curling fan. He has been concerned with rising costs of living, escalating home prices and the unsettling feeling that things are not quite right in Singapore.

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