URGENT! SingFirst needs more Polling and Counting Agents


We have our list of Polling and Counting Agents but SingFirst needs more people to help out!

We are calling for more Singaporeans to step forward and to be an important figure in the polling and counting processes. SingFirst would appreciate it very much if you can volunteer your service to serve all Singaporeans in this General Election.

Both Polling and Counting Agents are like Inspectors and Checkers. They need to be quite “street-smart with BIG OPEN EYES” if we may put it that way.


The Polling Agent will be assigned to a polling station to witness the polling process to check and highlight any irregularities immediately to the polling officer.


The Counting Agent will be assigned to a vote counting place to witness the counting process to check and highlight any wrong vote counts or irregularities immediately to the assistant returning officer.

More details regarding their roles can be read here in the handbook in the ELD website.

SingFirst will conduct a briefing on cooling-off day at our SingFirst headquarter for all Polling and Counting Agents.

Here are the details:

Screenshot 2015-09-08 10.07

Venue : 40C Tras Street (3rd Floor up the stairs), Singapore 078979 (Google Map here)

Date : 10 Sep 2015, Thursday

Time : 2 sessions at either 12:30pm to 2pm or 7pm to 8:30pm (You need to attend only 1 session). Please be punctual.

Things to note:

a. You need to attend the full session of 1 and half hour

b. You must be a Singapore citizen

c. You must bring your NRIC on the day of the briefing. We will take a photo of every volunteer for our verification and record keeping.

d. Polling Agents must commit at least a 4-hour shift: 8am – 12pm, 12pm – 4pm, or 4pm – 8pm on polling day

e. Counting Agents must commit from 8pm until the returning officer of the GRC announces the final results of the GRC.

Note: we apologize in advance that we may not be able to accept all requests to be a Counting Agent. SingFirst reserves the right to select the Counting Agent.

Please sign up to be a POLLING AND COUNTING AGENT by clicking here.

SingFirst sincerely appreciates your help 🙂


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