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SingFirst’s reply to CNA on PM Lee’s speech

Press Release Channel News Asia sought SingFirst’s views regarding PM Lee’s speech at the PAP party conference on 7 Dec 2014. He spoke about how the next GE will be a deadly serious fight, that it was about choosing the next government and not merely giving more seats to the opposition. […]

Elderly cleaner lady, one of too many

Mdm Tham, Ang Mo Kio resident, 65 years old, Hawker Centre Cleaner During our Sunday AMK GRC walkabout, we met Mdm Tham as she was doing her rounds in the hawker centre. A petite woman, Mdm Tham was soft spoken and pleasant to communicate with. When one of the CEC members introduced himself and passed the SingFirst flyer to […]

Genes can be inherited but not performance

After our Ang Mo Kio GRC walkabout The PM’s performance was the focus of the media interview at the end of SingFirst’s walkabout in his Ang Mo Kio GRC yesterday. It is common knowledge and widely felt among Singaporeans that the economy has become less robust and society […]

SingFirst Walkabout 2 : Ang Mo Kio GRC

Press Release Ang Mo Kio GRC is more than a local constituency There are two key reasons why we chose Ang Mo Kio GRC for our next walkabout. Firstly, it is the Prime Minister’s ward. The PM decides on national issues. His election or non-election determines the fate […]

Mythbuster 2 : An ice cream party?

Our logo, when first launched, created quite a stir. Some of you likened us to the famous ice cream brand. Not a bad idea, we thought, although we were not inspired by this brand. Ice cream indeed brings joy to many young and old. We too would like to bring happiness […]

Aunties say 应该了…needs to change

Time for change in Tanjong Pagar GRC Singaporeans were warm towards SingFirst on Sunday 9 Nov 2014 morning as more than 20 of us went on our first walkabout around the Holland Drive Market and Food Centre in Tanjong Pagar GRC. The most enthusiastic among the residents were […]

Tan Jee Say appointed Harvard Fellow

Our Secretary General, Tan Jee Say, has been appointed Harvard Fellow. He travels to Harvard University later this month to take up the Fellowship. He will be based at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. The WCFIA was co-founded in 1958 by Robert Bowie and Henry Kissinger. Dr […]