Our CEC members

The Central Executive Committee Members


Dr. Ang Yong Guan


Tan Peng Ann
Vice Chairman


Tan Jee Say


David Foo Ming Jin


Wong Chee Wai
Committee Member

Micahael Chia Committee Member - Singfirst

Michael Chia
Committee Member – Singfirst


Fahmi Rais
Committee Member

Winston Lim Committee Member - Singfirst

Winston Lim
Committee Member – Singfirst

Dr. Ang Yong Guan Chairman - Singfirst

Dr. Ang Yong Guan
Chairman – Singfirst

Psychiatrist, Community Leader and Retired Army Colonel 

Dr Ang Yong Guan is a psychiatrist in private practice. He served in the Singapore Armed Forces for 23 years; retiring in 2003 as a colonel.He has held various leadership posts such as President of Singapore Psychiatric Association, Chairman of the Chapter of Psychiatrists, Academy of Medicine , and Council Member of National Council on Problem Gambling and Chairman of Action Group for Mental Illness . He is currently a member of the Clinical Advisory Committee for Chronic Disease Management Programme, Ministry of Health and Member of the Panel of Medical Experts, Subordinate Courts, Singapore.

He was an active grassroots leader for more than 15 years; holding key appointments such as Secretary of the Citizens’ Consultative Committee and Chairman of a Community Club. He has 2 National Day Awards; the Public Service Medal (PBM) for community work and the Public Administration Medal (PPA) for his service in the military.

He contested, together with his team-mates Mr Tan Jee Say, Dr Vincent Wijeysingha and Ms Michelle Lee, in the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC in GE2011. The opposition team polled about 40% of the votes cast.

Tan Peng Ann Vice Chairman - SingFirst

Tan Peng Ann
Vice Chairman – SingFirst

Community Leader, Social Entrepreneur and Retired Army Colonel 

Tan Peng Ann is a retired army colonel, community leader and social entrepreneur. After completing his secondary education in Raffles Institution, he gave 30 good years of his life to the Singapore Armed Forces. He studied humanities at the National University of Singapore on an SAF Local Training Award. He was awarded with the Public Administrative Medal, PPA (Bronze) Military. He also received the Public Service Medal, PBM, for his contribution to the community; having served in the Community Development Council and Town Council, and as Chairman of a Community Club.He now focuses on helping the less privileged in Cambodia, having started his own non-government organisation (NGO) to educate and develop the young in a remote commune in Takeo Province. He has also developed his own social enterprise in pig farming at the beginning of 2014 and hopes to bring about better living standards for the villagers after his ‘experimental program’ completes in October 2014.

In recent years, Peng Ann has become concerned about the shortsightedness of certain public policies that have affected Singaporeans particularly senior citizens. By coming forward now, he hopes to play an active and meaningful role in bringing about a better tomorrow for Singaporeans.

Tan Jee Say Secretary-General - SingFirst

Tan Jee Say
Secretary-General – SingFirst

Investment Banker, Fund Manager and Senior Civil Servant 

Tan Jee Say has nearly 30 years of working experience as civil servant, investment banker and fund manager. He was head of economic and manpower planning in the Ministry of Trade and Industry and served as secretary to the late Dr Albert Winsemius, the economic adviser to the Singapore Government. He had also worked with the late Dr Goh Keng Swee ,the father of Singapore’s modern economic development. In 1985, Jee Say was appointed Principal Private Secretary to then Deputy Prime Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong for 5 years. He then joined the private sector for over 17 years, where he held positions as head of Asia Pacific operations for global institutions and international banks.Jee Say was a candidate in both the Presidential Election and General Election held in 2011. He came in third in the Presidential Election, obtaining 25% of the national vote.

Before the 2011 General Election, Jee Say wrote a 45-page essay entitled “Creating Jobs and Enterprise in a New Singapore Economy – Ideas for Change.” In December 2011, Jee Say co-authored a book with 16 other Singaporeans who participated actively in the two Elections of 2011.

David Foo Min Jin Treasurer - SingFirst

David Foo Ming Jin
Treasurer – SingFirst

Chemist and Logistician
Dr David Foo Ming Jin is a chemist and logistics professional. Dr Foo has worked and taught in research institutes in the United States and Singapore such as A*STAR and Johnson & Johnson. He has also worked for multinational corporations such as SAFC (Sigma-Aldrich Fine Chemicals) and DHL Global Forwarding.He was the Regional Sector Head for the chemical and energy sectors at DHL Global Forwarding Asia Pacific Management. Dr Foo is active in civil society. He currently serves in the Singapore Catalysis Society as a Committee Member. He was a co-founder of the Think Centre.

Micahael Chia Committee Member - Singfirst

Micahael Chia
Committee Member – Singfirst

Retired engineer and volunteer social worker

Michael Chia studied mechanical engineering at the Singapore Polytechnic and was awarded a scholarship in the second year by National Iron and Steel Mills, a government-linked company. He graduated top of his class. He worked at the Chartered Industries and later joined Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) where he stayed for over 20 years.
In recent years, Michael has been busy with volunteer social work in the region. He helps out in an orphanage in Cambodia and a home for unwanted and runaway children in Vietnam.

Fahmi Rais Committee Member - Singfirst

Fahmi Rais
Committee Member – Singfirst

Communications Consultant and Community Leader 

Fahmi Rais is widely known in his community as a broadcast veteran having started both free-to-air and cable TV Malay channels (Prime 12, Suria and Sensasi).He has produced, written and directed several docu-dramas in both English and Malay. He has worked in top communication and creative agencies (Burson-Marstella, Ogilvy & Mather and Denetso) providing counsel to senior management on strategic public relations and crisis management.

Fahmi is also a community and youth activist, and has served in over a dozen local and regional NGOs such as the Central Council of Malay Cultural Organisations Singapore (Majlis Pusat), National Youth Council, Yayasan Mendaki and the Southeast Asia Malay / Muslim Youth Organisation (SAMYO as Secretary General).

He is now a branding and media consultant. He also manages the Raistar Entertainment, a company that specialises in concert promotions and in running a leadership and youth development training centre.

Winston Lim Committee Member - Singfirst

Winston Lim
Committee Member – Singfirst

Architect and town planner.
One of our 10 founding members, Mr Winston Lim received his degree in Architecture at the National University of Singapore. He went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied on an Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) overseas scholarship.
At MIT, he topped his class and was conferred an award by the American Institute of Architects.

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  1. When and where will SingFirst hold a rally for the Tanjong Pagar GRC?

    Your list above is titled 10 CEC members but I only see 9 photos, of which only 8 are described. Can you please be more accurate?

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