SingFirst’s reply to CNA on PM Lee’s speech

Press Release Channel News Asia sought SingFirst’s views regarding PM Lee’s speech at the PAP party conference on 7 Dec 2014. He spoke about how the next GE will be a deadly serious fight, that it was about choosing the next government and not merely giving more seats to the opposition. […]

Elderly cleaner lady, one of too many

Mdm Tham, Ang Mo Kio resident, 65 years old, Hawker Centre Cleaner During our Sunday AMK GRC walkabout, we met Mdm Tham as she was doing her rounds in the hawker centre. A petite woman, Mdm Tham was soft spoken and pleasant to communicate with. When one of the CEC members introduced himself and passed the SingFirst flyer to […]

Genes can be inherited but not performance

After our Ang Mo Kio GRC walkabout The PM’s performance was the focus of the media interview at the end of SingFirst’s walkabout in his Ang Mo Kio GRC yesterday. It is common knowledge and widely felt among Singaporeans that the economy has become less robust and society […]

SingFirst Walkabout 2 : Ang Mo Kio GRC

Press Release Ang Mo Kio GRC is more than a local constituency There are two key reasons why we chose Ang Mo Kio GRC for our next walkabout. Firstly, it is the Prime Minister’s ward. The PM decides on national issues. His election or non-election determines the fate […]

One reader’s response to our posting

“As a “middle class” in the 70’s I saw it coming when they began to jack up HDB prices by 38% suddenly. The population made noise.  But when LKY came on TV to intimidate with fake anger (which he often did), everyone was quiet  –  SGreans are so easy […]

Mythbuster 2 : An ice cream party?

Our logo, when first launched, created quite a stir. Some of you likened us to the famous ice cream brand. Not a bad idea, we thought, although we were not inspired by this brand. Ice cream indeed brings joy to many young and old. We too would like to bring happiness […]

Aunties say 应该了…needs to change

Time for change in Tanjong Pagar GRC Singaporeans were warm towards SingFirst on Sunday 9 Nov 2014 morning as more than 20 of us went on our first walkabout around the Holland Drive Market and Food Centre in Tanjong Pagar GRC. The most enthusiastic among the residents were […]

Chairman Says Fear No More

Fear No More by Dr Ang Yong Guan “Politics can withstand a lot of apathy; indeed when the normally apathetic person suddenly becomes greatly interested in political questions, it is often a sign of danger.” – Bernard Crick, In Defence of Politics. Soon after the GE2011, whenever I […]


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Mythbuster 2 : An ice cream party?

“Nice … everyone likes ice cream from young to old.”



“Yes, we can put a tick/vote for a new party which seeks to develop our own people. “white background stands for integrity and transparency and we uphold these values in our pursuit of a fair society”. One other party still wearing white but lost the plot long ago… “                                                                                                                                                           



Mythbuster 4 : Will SingFirst’s safety net really help all Singaporeans and not just the poor?

“Maybe I had been living under the PAP’S tyranny for too long that I felt that what was written above is impossible to attain, but I believe that deep somewhere Singapore do hope that it will work this way. Keep up the good work for a better Singapore!”



“In short, proposing to turn Singapore into a first-world society rather than a third-world society with the facade of a first-world economy. Maybe then we can work on the second-world government and the mentality it’s encouraged so strongly over the last 55 years.”



“Just curious — how will all these be funded and how much additional spending would Singapore probably be incurring in its budget?”


Mythbuster 1 : Is SingFirst anti-foreigner or anti-immigration?

“It’s simple to understand, straight-forward talking, and something that I can fully agree with. Keep up this simple way of responding to queries from both your supporters as well as ordinary citizens. Bravo!”                                                                                                                                           



“Yes, I agree that SingFirst reply is simple and easy to understand. It is a powerful point that we are not against foreigners but Singaporeans must not be discriminated against.”                                                                                                                                                                  



“The actual fault lies in the people who open the gates!”



“ICA suppose to controlling our immigration policy. It’s this government that has opened the flood gates and directed ICA to let in many foreigners. Our ICA commanders does not stand up to the government to say that this wrong. This government and ICA requires a complete face-lift.”