Top 10 List

singfirst cap

Wearing your thinking cap!

1.   Is SingFirst anti-foreigner or anti-immigration?

We are not anti-foreigners nor anti-immigration. We recognize they play an important role in the economy. But we do not want any Tom, Dick or Harry to come in with ease and in such big numbers. We are for responsible immigration, not zero immigration.

In our pursuit of economic growth, we must be fair to Singaporeans and not discriminate against them in terms of job placement, wage levels and space. We make no apology that we advocate giving priority to citizens; every country does it except Singapore.

2.   What is the meaning and significance of the party logo and its colours?

The party logo shows a head with a heart and represents that the Party has the interests of Singaporeans, first and foremost, at heart.

The red colour represents our belief in Singapore and shows the passion of Party’s members to champion for the interests of Singaporeans first. The white background stands for integrity and transparency and we uphold these values in our pursuit of a fair society, strong families and esteemed people for all Singaporeans.


3.   What does SingFirst want to achieve for Singaporeans?

We want to ensure that Singaporeans are not discriminated nor disadvantaged by a liberal immigration policy but are given a fair and equal chance to get jobs at fair wages. We will help Singaporeans raise strong and happy families by providing firstly, generous allowances to children up to the age of six, secondly, free education from primary school to university, and thirdly, to enable mothers to continue working by building self-contained communities with jobs and services (like childcare centres, polyclinics, hospitals, schools, shops, cinemas) close to homes.

We want Singaporeans to become confident people with high self-esteem by providing a strong social safety net that will take away their fear of failure when they venture forth with spontaneity, audacity and creativity.

4.   What are the elements of your proposed strong social safety net?

A heavily subsidised universal and comprehensive healthcare insurance, unemployment benefits/insurance, old-age pension in addition to CPF, gradual removal of GST, significant transport fare concessions, free education from primary school to university, monthly cash allowances for children up to age 6 in addition to existing baby bonus and other benefits to promote births.

5.   Where are you getting the funds to provide these welfare benefits? Will they not bankrupt the country?

These benefits will be financed by the annual return from investment of our reserves. Existing law allows the government to spend up to half of the total return on our reserves. In the last few years, the amount allotted to the national budget for this purpose was $8 billion per annum. Our proposed social safety net costs less than this annual amount. Hence it will not bankrupt the country.

6.   How is your approach to economic and social development different from the PAP?

The PAP approach is to achieve maximum economic growth with little consideration for moral well-being (such as promoting casinos) or for displacement of Singaporeans from their jobs and depression of their wages (as with a liberal foreign worker policy), and then use part of this GDP growth to finance subsidies for lower income groups.

Our approach is to provide a strong social safety net while generating economic growth at the same time and not after jobs have been taken away from Singaporeans, their wages depressed or their morals compromised.

Hence we will help disadvantaged Singaporeans while we pursue economic growth concurrently rather than help them only after economic growth has been achieved. Our heart comes together with the head but PAP’s heart appears only after it has reared its ugly head.

7.   Is SingFirst a party of the left or right of centre?

We are neither left nor right but a party of the centre. Parties on the left believe in having high taxes to finance generous welfare benefits for the people while the right wants low taxes to encourage investment and effort but does not believe in a strong social safety net as they think it will demotivate workers and make them lazy. Singaporeans First takes the best of the left and right namely, a strong social safety net and a low tax regime. We are a centre party.

8.   What is your Party’s position on opposition unity and avoidance of multi-cornered election contests?

We support opposition unity and will avoid multi-cornered contests as long as this will enhance the chances of defeating PAP candidates. However, if the opposition candidate or team of candidates is weak and we believe it has no chance of winning, then we have a responsibility to the voters to put in a strong candidate or team of candidates that will have a better chance of defeating the PAP. Otherwise the constituency will be wasted.

9.   What is your Party’s position on the LGBT community?

We believe in an inclusive society in which every Singaporean has an equal place without discrimination on the basis of gender, race, language, religion, physical handicap or sexual orientation.

10.   Do you think that Singaporeans are ready for a change of government and if so, how will your Party prepare for it?

Singaporeans want a good government that can deliver on its promises of a competent, efficient and compassionate leadership. In the recent past, PAP has fallen short of expectation and in fact has broken many of its promises. Singaporeans are angry in being short-changed especially when PAP ministers pay themselves extremely high salaries on the promise of talented, competent and efficient government. If opposition parties can provide a good quality team with a sensible alternative programme to run the country, we believe Singaporeans will welcome and vote for a change of government.

Towards this end, we at Singaporeans First are working hard to build up a high quality team with diversified experience in the civil service and private sector, and a practical programme of action, so as to offer Singaporeans a party of choice to build a better Singapore for all Singaporeans.

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