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We thank you for believing in us to make Singapore a better place for all Singaporeans. Your donations, be they large or small, are important to us and will contribute towards our mission in championing the cause for Singaporeans in parliament. No amount is too small for our young […]

We at SingFirst are saddened by the passing of the former President Mr S R Nathan. Our condolences go to his beloved wife and family.

PM must come clean on David Ong

The PM of Singapore must come clean on the true reason(s) for the sudden resignation of Mr David Ong which comes just 6 months after his win at the GE 2015. Singaporeans are told that PAP selects its candidates after very “careful scrutiny”? What has happened? The PM owes it […]

TV Broadcast on 3 Sep 2015 – மாஜுலா சிங்கப்பூரா

SingFirst does not have a Tamil-speaking candidate. As a result, we were unable to broadcast our message in Tamil on national TV on 3 Sep 2015. This is our written broadcast for the Tamil-speaking community: அன்புள்ள சக சிங்கப்பூரர்களே… ஒரு வருடத்திற்கு முன்பு ஒரு சிறு துடிப்புமிக்க சிங்கப்பூர் குழுவாகிய நாங்கள் ” சிங்கப்பூரர்களுக்கு முன்னுரிமை ” எனும் […]

Jurong Stadium – Inaugural SingFirst Election Rally

SingFirst’s Inaugural Election Rally at Jurong Stadium SingFirst welcomes all Singaporeans, all New Citizens – whether you are young, old, rich, poor, contented, unhappy, decided or undecided voters – to attend our first rally that introduces a new team with new ideas for Singapore. Come meet us. Mingle with us. We welcome everybody! Understand our vision […]

SingFirst Supporters! Join us on Nomination Day, 1 Sep 2015

Friends, Members and Supporters! Bear witness to the event when the new party SingFirst prepares our 2 teams of candidates to contest in GE 2015 to represent fellow Singaporeans – our underprivileged, our downtrodden and our forgotten countrymen. Society can be fair again. Families can be strong once more. People can have their self-esteem returned. Let’s […]

一位读者说:人民行动党不像50年前建国初期为人民服务. Our reader wrote: PAP is not serving the people unlike the past 50 years

50年前开始建国初期,人民行动党确实是个好政府, 真心诚意为人民服务. 70年代当时我们政府帮助弱很多势国人自力更生,例如:学历不高年长国人,单亲家庭妇女申请摊位做小生意来维持日常的生活,租金廉宜因为建屋局直接把摊位租给当事人没有经过第2位人,也让我们的消费者得到便宜的食物。现在政府要建10个熟食中心,看一看第一手就让代理公司赚钱,租金就不便宜,我们消费者就要承担这些多余的费用了。 我们物价高涨问题出在那里?看一看我们拥车证COE,现在停车每一秒跟你算钱,原油从100美元跌到今天40美元,我们的汽油有跌吗?那些没有车的国人以为不关我的事,那就错了!商家的物品需要用交通工具载送的,那就把这些成本加在我们人民的身上.生活费高的原因不是外来因素,是我们的好政府可以掌控的! 看看我们的医药费,现在要买保险,买保险一年千多元,不幸进医院要先付C级$2000元,其它多余费用保险公司才帮你付。我们国人每一个月的收入都有$3000元吗?道德和医德跑到那里去?现在医院是在做大生意。因此我就是这么认为现在的政府已经变质了!不像50年前建国初期为人民服务。 跟他们同心:你我同心,为国为金。我不是。 During the founding of Singapore 50 years ago, the People’s Action Party was indeed a good government as they sincerely served the people. In the 1970s, the government helped weaker Singaporeans to become self-reliant. For example, the lesser educated elderly people and single-mothers […]


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Mythbuster 4 : Will SingFirst’s safety net really help all Singaporeans and not just the poor?

“Maybe I had been living under the PAP’S tyranny for too long that I felt that what was written above is impossible to attain, but I believe that deep somewhere Singapore do hope that it will work this way. Keep up the good work for a better Singapore!”



“In short, proposing to turn Singapore into a first-world society rather than a third-world society with the facade of a first-world economy. Maybe then we can work on the second-world government and the mentality it’s encouraged so strongly over the last 55 years.”



“Just curious — how will all these be funded and how much additional spending would Singapore probably be incurring in its budget?”


Mythbuster 1 : Is SingFirst anti-foreigner or anti-immigration?

“It’s simple to understand, straight-forward talking, and something that I can fully agree with. Keep up this simple way of responding to queries from both your supporters as well as ordinary citizens. Bravo!”                                                                                                                                           



“Yes, I agree that SingFirst reply is simple and easy to understand. It is a powerful point that we are not against foreigners but Singaporeans must not be discriminated against.”                                                                                                                                                                  



“The actual fault lies in the people who open the gates!”



“ICA suppose to controlling our immigration policy. It’s this government that has opened the flood gates and directed ICA to let in many foreigners. Our ICA commanders does not stand up to the government to say that this wrong. This government and ICA requires a complete face-lift.”



Mythbuster 2 : An ice cream party?

“Nice … everyone likes ice cream from young to old.”



“Yes, we can put a tick/vote for a new party which seeks to develop our own people. “white background stands for integrity and transparency and we uphold these values in our pursuit of a fair society”. One other party still wearing white but lost the plot long ago… “